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Distance Matrix Many to Many

manytomany.{xml | json}

This service computes distances and time between a collection of waypoints.

A distance request has one required parameters: waypoints which hold the coordinates of all the points for the distance matrix. A distance request must be formatted as follow:


  • key: Your account key
  • output: The response format. May be either of the following values:
    • .json output in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
    • .xml output as XML
The service is available using HTTPS protocol. The HTTPS verb must be GET or POST. We advise to use POST if the number of waypoints exceeding 5.

List of parameters

Name Type Values Description
waypoints string e.g. n:point1;ll:2.33,48.88|n:point2;ll:2.34,49.88 An array of way points including Name, Longitude, Latitude.n:{name1};ll:{longitude1},{latitude1}|n:{name2};ll:{longitude2},{latitude2}. This is a mandatory field.
travelmode string vehicle | pedestrian The mode used for computing the itinerary
unitsystem string metricandimperial | metric | imperial The unit system(s) to use for the result
avoidtollroad boolean true | false Avoid toll roads
avoidhighways boolean true | false Avoid highways
Send Request



  • Segments Contains the result of computation between all the waypoints, distance and time remaining to each segment.
  • Failed Contains the waypoint(s) unable to being computed.