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Trade Area

tradearea.{xml | json | kml | geojson}

This service computes maximum area around a location for a given time to go.

This service covering only United States.

A catchment area request must be formatted as follow:


  • key: Your account key
  • output: The response format. May be either of the following values:
    • .json output in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
    • .xml output as XML
The service is available using HTTPS protocol. The HTTPS verb must be GET.

List of parameters

Name Type Values Description
point string e.g. -81.651586;41.488086 The longitude and the latitude of the center point of the trade area, separated by semicolon. This is a mandatory field.
mode string drive | walk The travel mode used for computing the trade area. This is a mandatory field.
type string bydistance | bytime Computation type, by distance or by time. This is a mandatory field.
unit string e.g. 2000 could be meters(type = bydistance) or minutes (type = bytime). This is a mandatory field.
  • bytime: Minimum 1 minute, Maximum 30 minutes
  • bydistance: Minimum 100 meters, Maximum 50000 meters
format string svg | wkt | wkb The GIS format of the shape. By default return an array of Latitude/Longitude. If the parameter format used, return the selected format
precision float e.g. 0.7 The precision of the shape in output, 0.5 is the best precision, and 1.0 is the lowest, but the fastest.
Send Request



  • area The coordinates of each point used for drawing the trade area polygon on the map
  • sqft The square feet of the trade area.
  • sqmt The square meters of the trade area.