GeoAnalytics Builder account required

Reverse Geocoder

coder.{xml | json}

This service transforms geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) to an address.

A reverse geocoder request must be formatted as follow:


  • key: Your account key
  • output: The response format. May be either of the following values:
    • .json output in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
    • .xml output as XML
The service is available using HTTPS protocol. The HTTPS verb must be GET.

List of parameters

Name Type Values Description
latitude string e.g. 48.87849 Latitude in degrees
longitude string e.g. 2.318748 Longitude in degrees
maxcount int e.g. 1 The maximum number of results
Send Request



  • <AdmDivisions> Returns the geopolitical division according to the country of the request. The geocoder can output 3 types of Administrative divisions:
    • adm01: The unit under the Country level.
    • adm07: The first unit up to the City level.
    • adm09: The first unit under the City level.
  • <BoundingBox> The Area representations for the Location. It defines the bounds containing the city for a city level geocoding or the street for a street level geocoding. A bounding box is used to recenter the map.
  • <Level> There are 6 levels of geocoding quality:
    • Level 0: No result
    • Level 1: Country level
    • Level 2: State or Administrative division 7 level
    • Level 3: City level
    • Level 4: Zip Code level
    • Level 5: Street level
    • Level 6: Address or POI level
  • <type>Indicates whether a forward or reverse geocoding was done.
  • <score>Confidence level for the result (0=Poor to 100=Exact). Up to 73 should be considered as good.
  • <diag>The search diagnostic returning an array of issue. An optional diag might be set even if a result is returned.
    Diagnostic types:
    • street The Street name
    • street_type The Street type, e.g. avenue
    • street_number The Street specified
    • zip The Zip Code specified
    • city The City name specified
    Diagnostic values:
    • MM: Misspellings
    • NF: Not Found